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Are you looking to add something fun to your wedding reception? The Wedding Shoe Game is a great idea for lots of laughs and for guests to get to know the bride and groom a little better.

How the Wedding Shoe Game Works

After dinner and before dancing begins, the Bride and Groom sit in chairs back to back on the dance floor. Make sure you are in a spot where all guests can see what’s going on.

The Bride and Groom each take off a shoe and exchange them (so each one has one of the others shoes).

Have the DJ ask a series of questions to the Bride and Groom, for example: “who is the better kisser?” or “who is the better driver?”. After each question, the Bride and Groom hold up the shoe that represents themselves or their spouse that they think best answers the question.

Some Tips to Make the Wedding Shoe Game Even More Fun

Make sure someone who knows the bride and groom well comes up with the list of questions. If they are more specific to the bride and groom the result will be better.

You can asks guests to suggest questions to ask by leaving a paper and pen on each table to fill out during dinner. Make sure you assign someone who will go through the questions and choose only the appropriate/best questions to ask.

Encourage guests to get involved, shout out answers and offer suggestions, providing hilarious results and lots of laughter.

Make sure the game lasts only 5-10 minutes or the guests might get bored.

10 Fun Wedding Shoe Game Question Ideas

1. Who is more romantic?
2. Who is the better dancer?
3. Who’s going to be in control of the checkbook?
4. Who will do the laundry?
5. Who’s the better kisser
6. Who will take out the garbage?
7. Who snores the most?
8. Who is the biggest flirt?
9. Who cooks the best dinners?
10. Who is your soul mate?

After the game, your guests will be ready to rock the dance floor! We can help you with that, give us a call at 617-797-8710!

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